Can Adoptsecure help you?

Thanks for your interest in the Adoptsecure program to introduce
new pet guardians to the benefits of pet health insurance!


Adoptsecure is a 6 week pet health insurance trial available to your new adopters.
Coverage for accidents and illnesses begins 48 hours from the date and time their trial is activated.

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We’ll pay 80% of their vet fees for accidents and illnesses up to $500. They pay 20% of vet fees with a $100 deductible per incident.

Kitty Corner

There’s no cost for Adoptsecure to you or your adopters and we'll supply you with all the marketing materials you need.

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Your organization will receive donations based on your activity with the program, to help in your continued efforts to help animals in need.


Send your new Pet guardians home with health protection for their pet!

  • A Petsecure insurance professional will follow up with new pet guardians to answer any questions they may have. They can also provide information for continuing coverage with a paid Petsecure policy.

  • The trial will automatically expire after six weeks, unless the pet guardians continue with a Petsecure policy.

  • There is no payment information collected and there are no obligations.

Why Petsecure ?

Receive Donation
To thank you for being a vital part of our Adoptsecure program, your organization will receive donations based on your activity with the program.

Reduce the Number of Pets Returned
Adoptsecure helps reduce the number of pets returned to your shelter due to health concerns and costs. It helps us educate and equip new pet guardians with the necessary tools to give their pets the best medical care.

Shelter Advisory Board
Petsecure has a Shelter Advisory Board made up of respected individuals in the shelter communities across Canada to ensure that we are meeting the needs of adopters and shelters alike.

Get Started

How to join Adoptsecure:

  1. Ensure that all your adoptable animals are vet checked prior to adoption.

  2. Fill out the below application and direct deposit form and send it to:

Fax: 1-866-322-5246
Mail: Petsecure pet health insurance
301-600 Empress Street
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0R5

Upon review of your application form, we’ll set up a file for you and mail out a welcome package to get you started! Your Shelter Respresentative, Jazmin Scott, is more than happy to speak to you about the program details. You can contact her directly at:
1-800-431-3132 ext.66317 or


For your convenience we have included some of our materials in PDF format for you to use and review. Please remember that we can supply additional materials upon request.

PDF Documents

Adoptsecure Sheet


Questions to Ask

Questions to consider when choosing a pet health insurance provider

Best Practices

How to effectively advocate for pet health insurance


Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Tips

Petsecure Blog

Tips for you and your pet

Bringing Home a New Pet

Tips when bringing home new pet!