Régimes d’essai

Si votre refuge valide votre coupon Adoptsecure, nous vous aiderons à payer vos factures vétérinaires pendant 6 semaines, jusqu’à un montant de 500 $.

Il ne vous en coûte PAS UN SEUL SOU pour votre période d’essai de couverture de 6 semaines qui vous procure gratuitement une protection en cas d’accident et de maladie pour tout chat ou chien. Pour profiter de cette offre, votre coupon doit être validé dans les 10 jours suivant le moment où votre animal de compagnie a quitté le refuge. La période d’essai commencera à la date et à l’heure de la validation.

Your Coverage Benefits

Si vous avez besoin de présenter une demande d’indemnité, nous vous rembourserons jusqu’à 80 % des frais vétérinaires, moins une franchise de 100 $. Veuillez consulter le Libellé de police de votre coupon pour obtenir les renseignements complets.

Cette assurance est valide pendant 6 semaines à compter de la date et de l’heure de validation de votre coupon d’essai. La couverture en cas d’accident et de maladie commence 48 heures après la validation. Votre couverture prendra fin automatiquement après 6 semaines à moins que vous mainteniez une couverture avec un régime Petsecure.

Demandez au personnel de votre refuge de valider votre période d’essai exclusive de 6 semaines.


Howard-a pet insurance testimonial

L’histoire vécue d’Howard -
un témoignage sur l’assurance maladie pour animaux de compagnie



Sarah Pelland, Winnipeg, MB

I came home from work one day to see my cat Howard, very sick and barley able to walk up the stairs. I looked around and noticed half of our peace lily plant was devoured. I called our veterinary practice who told me that peace lilies are toxic and advised me to take him to the emergency clinic right away.

We brought Howard in and they quickly admitted him. I knew plant toxicities could be fatal and I was devastated at the thought of losing our feline friend. I told the vet right away, "Do whatever you need to help Howard. I have pet insurance so I'm not concerned about the cost."

The next day the emergency vet called and Howard had gotten worse. His kidney levels were on the rise, so they increased the fluid therapy and continued his IV. All we could do was cross our fingers and wait.

2½ days later (which felt like a lifetime) our wish was granted! Howard's levels had stabilized and he was back to normal. I was able to pick him up and bring him home that afternoon.

The total bill was $770. I would have paid that amount for Howard, but because of his pet insurance the actual cost I had to pay was a lot less! It was fantastic to know that I could truly afford Howard's treatment (and not rack up the bill on my credit card). Pet insurance provided me the comfort and peace of mind knowing I didn't have to worry about the cost of what needed to be done. I was able to solely focus on Howard getting better and back to his affectionate, adventurous self!