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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Pet Health Insurance?

The Adoptsecure program gives added peace of mind when a pet parent takes their newly adopted pet home. It provides 6 weeks of insurance, compliments of Petsecure, providing financial assistance with unexpected medical expenses due to any accident or illness. This allows new pet parents the ability to make healthcare decisions based on what is best for their pet, not financial costs.

What do I do with the Adoptsecure trial?

From the time you adopt the newest member of your family, your trial must be activated within 10 days of adoption to begin coverage. Once the trial is activated, your new pet is protected for 6 weeks. A welcome package will be sent to you which includes the Policy Wordings of your coverage, a claim form and a brochure outlining our Secure For Lifeā„¢ plans.

What happens if my pet has an accident or illness?

The first thing you should do is see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. Once your pet is properly diagnosed and treated, you can mail us your receipts and completed claim form and we will reimburse you for the appropriate amount.

How do I make a claim for my pet?

After your pet receives treatment from a licensed veterinarian, complete a claim form and send it along with copies of your receipts, to our mailing address:

Petsecure Pet Health Insurance,
300-600 Empress Street, Winnipeg MB, R3G 0R5.

What happens after the 6 week trial ends?

You can contact us at any time during the 6 week trial to extend your pet's policy. We will waive the 48 hour waiting period for accidents and illness when you continue your pet's coverage before the trial expires. If we don't hear from you, the trial coverage will automatically end in 6 weeks.

Theo - a pet insurance testimonial

Theo's True Tail -
a pet insurance testimonial



Carolan Clague, Ajax, ON

I just wanted to thank Petsecure for their friendly, efficient, understanding and speedy service during the painful episodes leading up to our regrettable decision to let Theo rest in peace. He was a wonderful cat - only 4 yrs old and the worst part of it all was that we never got a full understanding of what his sudden illness was.

However, during his treatment we were given full support and comfort from the staff at Petsecure, who also communicated directly with our local veterinary clinic to ensure that we did not have to worry about the finances, so we could concentrate on being there for Theo and give him the best care possible. He fought very bravely and I just need to thank you all for making this particular ordeal so much easier for us to handle.